Be a Slim Manager

Either it is cost, quality or speed: you will always be requested to reinvent your skills and deliver more with less.

Slim thinking is all about achieving all of this and more. With simple yet creative ideas you will be able to find new ways of seeing the same situations, performing the same tasks, dealing with the same problems. Our collection covers everything from leadership to culture, process simplification to sales success. Click on a title below to find out more.


  • Slim Leadership - "Effectively shares some very practical operational management and leadership concepts in a way that few other leadership and management texts do. A very practical 'how to' in effective leadership and operational management"

    Hayden McNamara, COO of Australian and New Zealand Bank, USA
  • Slim Leadership - "Simply shows how the lean methodology can be used to manage effectively. A great book that should be read by all – from managers to operations staff. The more people that are aware and utilize the concepts the more dynamic and efficient business will become."

    Nina Muhleisen, Toyota Manufacturing Corporation Australia
  • Slim Leadership - "What I liked about the book was the lack of management jargon, making the book easy to follow and understand. Demonstrates, in a practical and unique way, how to get better business results, particularly in operational environments."

    Ron Locke, Former Barclays Bank IT Director, UK
  • Slim Leadership - "I found the book brought out many of the behavioral aspects that would not have been achieved via the alternative 'text book' approach. It explores subtle themes such as resistance to change, disconnection across teams, and lack of accountability. A good read for managers at all levels."

    Richar Codd, Operations Manager, Trade and Supply Chain, ANZ
  • Slim Leadership - “Your Slim Leadership seminar gave our students a fresh outlook on lean thinking implementation, and the discussion which came out of it has enriched our classroom debates."

    Paulo Peças, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
  • Slim Culture - “Elegantly outlines practical steps for creating efficient and motivating work environments, while acknowledging the pervasive, change influencing dynamics of a typical organization. Suitable for everyone from graduates to seasoned managers.”

    Joana C. Kuntz, Senior Lecturer in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Slim Culture - “A joy to read. The characters involved were identifiable to me in my own workplace and I found the scenario logical to follow as the book introduces and develops quality excellence concepts. The literary equivalent of a role play.”

    Timothy Johnston, Product Line Manager, Institutional Division, ANZ Bank, Australia
  • Slim Culture - “I was witness to many of the events presented in fictionalized format in this book, and I can attest that the doubts, resistance, fears and enthusiasm represented in the characters are very real. Presented in a way which is easy to understand and replicate.”

    Stephen Gallagher, Manager Business Architecture and Business Process Management, Energy Australia

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